See how we produce world-class
wines, from vineyard to barrel to bottle.

Juan and Juan on Wine

Our head winemaker and vineyard estate manager share a passion for wine.
And the same name.


Does it really matter if a winery sits right next to its vineyard? Juan & Juan sure seem to think so.


With Juan & Juan, wine tasting gets slightly more involved than simply swirling a glass and taking a sip.

Behind the Vine

Meet Winemaker Juan Munoz-Oca, our "Keeper of the Crest."

LIVE from Columbia Crest

A real-time glimpse into the people and passion behind Columbia Crest wine.

Harvest in the Vineyard with Juan Uribe & Todd Chapman

Columbia Crest Estate Vineyard Manager, Juan Uribe and Viticulturist, Todd Chapman show how and when they determine if grapes are ready to be harvested, as well as highlight the unique aspects of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA.

Wine Tasting Basics with Rob Bigelow

Master Sommelier Rob Bigelow shares his approachable tips and tricks for tasting wine. From smelling to swirling to sipping, learn the basics from a wine expert.

Spectacular wines, year after year.

From the vineyards of Washington State come some of the best wines in the world. Named “Winery of the Year” by Wine & Spirits magazine, Columbia Crest carefully crafts every vintage to bring out the unique characteristics of the region we call home.